Fluke NORMA 5000 Power Analyzer N5K-3PP64IP | Calibrated & Certified By Fluke (Used)

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Key features

  • Six-phase power analyzer for developing frequency converters and lighting equipment
  • Features the highest bandwidth on the market
  • Measures voltage, current, and power harmonics up to the 40th harmonic
  • Features a simple user interface to ensure easy, intuitive operation
  • Offers a variety of standard configurations so users can choose the exact functionality required for their application


Fluke Norma 5000 Power Analyzers

Precision Power Measurement for Development and Testing of Power Electronics

The Fluke Norma 5000 Power Analyzers offer reliable, highly accurate measurements essential for developing and testing motors, inverters, lighting systems, power supplies, transformers, and automotive components. These compact analyzers are based on patented, high-bandwidth architecture, delivering precise measurements of single or three-phase current and voltage, harmonics analysis, Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) analysis, and power calculations. The Fluke Norma 5000 Power Analyzers are essential tools for engineers, providing the advanced technology needed for precise and comprehensive power analysis in various applications.

Key Features:

  • High-Precision Measurements: Ideal for single and three-phase systems.
  • Harmonics and FFT Analysis: Advanced analysis capabilities for detailed insights.
  • Wide Bandwidth and High Sampling Rate: Up to 10 MHz bandwidth and 1 MHz sampling rate for detailed signal analysis.
  • Compact Design: Easy integration into various testing environments.


  • Electric Motors and Inverter Drive Systems: Measures switching losses and evaluates torque transients and harmonics at higher frequencies with detailed spectrum analysis.
  • Inverter Drive Systems: Simultaneous electrical and mechanical power measurements provide comprehensive system influence analysis.
  • Lighting Systems: High-frequency power measurements and ballast loss calculations through unique shunt techniques.
  • Transformers: Accurate efficiency and loss calculations with synchronous six-phase power measurements, even at low power factors.
  • Automotive: Complete data on efficiency and losses through synchronous electrical input and mechanical output measurements for individual components and entire drive systems.




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